Innovation grounded
in tradition

BLUE LION forms the core of our entrepreneurial activities as the central holding company of the Schörghuber family. Under its umbrella, we manage our family-owned business and all other additional entrepreneurial activities. At BLUE LION, we believe that innovation breathes new life into mature processes, and tradition provides a fertile breeding ground for innovation.

Our Philosophy

Safeguarding the future,
preserving our values

Deeply rooted in tradition and open to new ideas while embracing a positive outlook and remaining curious about the future. These guiding principles shape the entrepreneurial, community and social activities of the Schörghuber family.

We rely on experience gained over more than 60 years of active entrepreneurship that is exemplified by our commercial expertise, an extensive network based on mutual trust and a solid financial footing.

As the central investment company of the Schörghuber family, the family office ensures that the family’s tangible and intangible values are preserved.

Our Portfolio

True to tradition and inspired by
innovation, tangible and digital,
close to home yet global

In addition to our family business with the business units Construction & Real Estate, Beverages, Hotel and Seafood, we have shareholdings in other companies in these as well as in complementary areas.

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